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Basic Information for Building a Greenhouse

Now you can Easily Build a Greenhouse in your Backyard using Simple and Easy to Understand DIY Greenhouse Plans!

If you’re efficient and skilled at doing DIY projects then you can easily build a greenhouse with DIY greenhouse plans. In fact, for anyone who doesn’t know how to get started, these plans can play a very important role.

How well your greenhouse is built will depend on several factors like space, orientation, material used, designs used, budget, your skill level for DIY projects and of course your ideas and sense of imagination!

diy greenhouse plans

There are a couple of ways you can build a DIY greenhouse. If you really like doing DIY projects and have some experience doing these projects then you can download greenhouse plans from the internet or purchase DIY greenhouse plansfrom a local bookstore.

If you’re good at designing structures, then you can possibly make your own plans and greenhouse designs.

Alternately you can purchase a DIY greenhouse kit from a local shop. This option will save you time however you may end up spending a lot of money to build a greenhouse.

If you decide to do the designing yourself by using creative and practical inputs, then it is best to make a checklist of all the tasks that may be required along with design considerations that need to be considered.

Since there are lots of plans and designs available from books and Internet, you can study few of these plans and choose a plan that best suits your requirement. Another ways is to go through several plans and gain enough knowledge to subsequently create a greenhouse design as per unique specifications.

Here are some important steps that your DIY greenhouse plan checklist should definitely have:

  • The location and size are important factors. To get good sunshine, orientation has to be done accordingly.
  • If a foundation is required then the type of foundation material is important. Options include lumber, concrete slab or concrete block. All good diy greenhouse plans have this clearly outlined.
  • According to the size of the greenhouse, number of vents has to be determined. The location and specifications of the vents are also important.
  • Electricity and water supply requirements
  • A plan for drainage building a greenhouse
  • Flooring plan and the material – stone, concrete, wood gravel etc.
  • For many locations heating may be required. This needs to be calculated. The type of heater and the capacity also needs to be determined.
  • Some locations may require shading during summers. This needs to be assessed properly. All DIY greenhouse plans should have proper details for shading / heating depending on environmental conditions.
  • Assessment of benching and shelving requirements along with material, size and specifications.
  • Assess the need for automated ventilation control, temperature control and irrigation control systems. In fact you can look at other DIY greenhouse plans, that have this type of arrangement for reference purpose.
  • Determination of the type of greenhouse – attached, detached or even-span
  • The design in terms of frame type – Hoop house, Quonset, Barn Style, Modified A-frame etc.
  • Material to be used for framing – aluminum, wood, galvanized steel or PVC pipes.
  • The material used for glazing will be according to the material used for frame. Options include – acrylic, polyethylene, ordinary plastic film, fiberglass and glass.
  • Specifications of clips, clamp, screws, nails, bots etc required for securing everything in place.

Although it is best to go for new material for doing a DIY greenhouse project, however if you have a very tight budget, but surely want to build a greenhouse, then you can look for second hand material, and if required make modifications to the DIY greenhouse plans accordingly.

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