DIY Greenhouse Plans

Lean To Greenhouse Benefits

If you’re looking at some DIY greenhouse plans for building a greenhouse, it may be worthwhile to look at all the benefits that come with a lean to greenhouse. Amongst all the DIY greenhouse plans and designs, many people for various reasons, often overlook the lean to greenhouse and instead go for building a traditional greenhouse somewhere in their yard.

There are numerous benefits of having the lean to greenhouse

that will attach right to the wall of your house. Let’s take a close look at some of the key benefits that the lean to greenhouse offers:

Proximity and Convenience

One of the first benefits of the lean design is proximity and convenience. You just have to step out of your door and you’ll be in your garden. This is much better than walking 5-10 minutes to fetch few herbs from the garden.lean to greenhouse

If you use herbs and vegetables for dinner during winters, then having a green house just a step away from the door makes it really very easy and convenient.

Great For House Walls That Face South

Another great benefit of this type of green house is for houses that get direct sunlight on the south side. Having a lean to greenhouse facing the south offers a lot of potential in terms of growing options. We all know how important sunlight is for growing good quality plants.

This option proves to be much more beneficial in comparison to setting up a green house somewhere in the middle of a yard. If you look at your DIY greenhouse plans, surely the south facing option must be one of best-rated options.

Stronger Foundation and Build

One more benefit of having a lean to greenhouse is the strong foundation and build. Because this type of green house is built against the wall, it will be a much stronger structure compared to a standalone unit.

Various Sizes and Shapes Possible

If you have space constraint then it is possible to build a mini greenhouse attached to the wall of the house. In fact, greenhouse kits of various sizes and shapes are available that can be assembled easily. However let me caution you that the kits are expensive and it is best to build these structures on your own using normal shed or patio hardware & greenhouse plans

Typically the kit based green houses use aluminum frame and twin wall polycarbonate for glazing. Polycarbonate gives good protection from heat during summers and sufficient sunlight during winters. Polycarbonate lean is next best to glass greenhouse.

Energy Efficiency and Organic Crop

In fact the lean design is considered to be energy efficient because they absorb heat energy from the attached wall as well from the sun.

You can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants in your backyard greenhouse. Depending on the wall you connect the lean to greenhouse, you can use it as a sun garden greenhouse also.

When you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden greenhouse you will be feeding your family with organic food and also protecting the environment by limiting the release of pesticides into the soil and water.

Build Low Maintenance Strong Structures using DIY Greenhouses Plans

For people looking to build a greenhouse that is low on maintenance and structurally strong for the long-term, the lean design is indeed a terrific option. And you can build these structures with simple tools using easy to follow DIY guides.

When you look at the detailed DIY greenhouse plans, keep these benefits of a lean to greenhouse in mind.

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