DIY Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse Accessories And Supplies

Many people who build a greenhouse think that once you build it there is nothing more required. Fact is, actually you will have to take care of the greenhouse on a regular basis. There are several greenhouse accessories and supplies that you will require to make this happen.

greenhouse shelving

Even if you have purchased a readymade greenhouse you will still need some accessories and supplies. Some of these accessories are necessary while there are some which are optional.

In this article we are going to discuss some of these greenhouse accessories and supplies that are often required by owners.

Greenhouse Heaters – If you want to maintain the temperature of the greenhouse at normal levels all round the year then you will require heaters for the greenhouse. You can buy electric heaters or propane heaters for this purpose.

Digital Thermometer – In order to measure and maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse you will surely require a digital thermometer. You can purchase a good quality thermometer from any of the super markets or a greenhouse supplies store.

Greenhouse Shelving – For supporting the plants that grow in your greenhouse you will require some kind of shelving. This can be aluminum, PVC and Cedar based shelves. If your greenhouse is not for commercial purposes then you can go for any option. However for greenhouse that is for commercial purposes you will require longer surfaces and longer rows of shelving in order to display the plants properly.

Greenhouse Covering – For protecting the greenhouse from ice, snow and rain water you will require some kind of covering. The cover can be just for the roof or for the side walls as well. There are many inexpensive options available for covering your greenhouse.

greenhouse cover

Greenhouse Watering System – For proper growth of plans inside the greenhouse you need to water then regularly. If you have a small greenhouse then you can do it manually. For larger greenhouse it is best to go for an automatic watering system. With an automatic system you will be able to schedule the watering at appropriate times during the day.

Propagation Mats – Another important item that comes to mind is propagation mats or heat mats. If you are sowing seeds or if you want to protect seedlings then these mats can be of great use. By keeping the soil warm you will be able to get much better germination rate. This item is however optional.

Air Ventilation System – For the health of the plants it is also important to maintain good flow of air inside the greenhouse. To achieve this you would need a ventilation system that has a motorized fan, motorized shutter along with a thermostat. The fan will provide good air circulation. The closing and opening of the shutter and the fan will be controlled by the thermostat so that proper temperature is also maintained.

If you want to enjoy the fruits of your effort, don’t ignore the greenhouse accessories and supplies. Having these will make the maintenance of your greenhouse easier. Not only that, these accessories will help in increasing the productivity from the plants. This means more fruits and vegetables.