DIY Greenhouse Plans – How to Build A Greenhouse On Your Own

Building your own greenhouse or glasshouse using designs and DIY greenhouse plans can be a very rewarding project. You can relax and spend some time in the glasshouse garden and also grow organic fruits and vegetables for consumption.

This way you’ll be sure that harmful pesticides are not making their way into you and your family.

And you can really enjoy unwinding from the daily stress by spending good time with the plants.

The best way to setup a glasshouse is to refer to some DIY greenhouse plans

. But to get you started, here are some simple tips that you can follow.

diy greenhouse


The very first thing that you need to consider when you are planning the glasshouse is the site itself.

Choose a location that will allow you to make best utilization of the winter sunlight. Make sure that the site is not too boggy and the ground is level. The floor can be of lumber, concrete slab or concrete block. glasshouse

If your site is at the bottom of a slope or a hill, then you’ll have to consider drainage for water that gets collected when it rains.

Shape, Frame and Material for the Structure

The next step in the process is to decide the shape of the greenhouse that suits your requirement.

If you’re short of space, you can build a lean to greenhouse or wall attached. Other options include the polytunnel shape, Modified A-frame, Quonset, Hoop house and Barn Style.

The material for the frame or structure of the greenhouse can be a galvanized steel, PVC pipe, Lumber and Aluminum (I got these details from the DIY-Greenhouse-plans guide).

If you use lumber then make sure it is pressure treated so that you get lumber that will last for many many years.

The glazing material for the greenhouse is another important aspect that you need to consider. Options for glazing include – polycarbonate or polyethylene, ordinary plastic film, acrylic, fiberglass and glass.

If you’ve children at home then it is best to go for polycarbonate glazing instead of glass. Polycarbonate will not break like glass.
diy glasshouse plans

You’ll also have to consider about other accessories like doors, vents, benching and shelving requirements for your glasshouse.

Keeping the Temperature at normal levels

If you’re located in a really cold place then you may require heating also. You’ll have to decide the type and capacity of the heater according to the size of the glasshouse.

Similarly if you’re in a very hot place then some kind of shading may be required.

For watering the plants you may need to consider storing of rainwater nearby.

You’ll also require basic tools like saw, hammer, drill and a spirit level for construction. Simple items like clips, clamp, screws, nails, bolts will be required throughout the project.

With proper planning and careful though you can successfully build a greenhouse and enjoy the benefits for many years.

When I did my greenhouse project I took the help of a guide that gives DIY greenhouse plans

. I purchased – “Building DIY Greenhouse Plans” by Bill Keene.

The many benefits of using a Guide for Glasshouse Designs and Plans

The great benefit of this guide was that not only did it provide greenhouse designs and plans but much more than that.

This DIY Greenhouse plans guide gives you advice on what plants to grow in your greenhouse, how to make wine by growing grapes even in cold climate, details of how to grow expensive spices to get the best return on greenhouse plans

In fact before I read this guide I was not aware of the different types of greenhouses and the pros and cons of each type.

The guide provides information to build a greenhouse in your backyard even if you have space constraints. You can actually build lean to greenhouse, modified A-frame, polytunnels or any other type using the details given in this guide.

Details like how to ventilate your greenhouse properly, what kind of lighting is best, how to setup heaters, information on vents for ventilation, how to build a shade and host of other tips and tricks are provided in the guide to get the most of your project.

bill keenes guide

Doing the project without making a hole in your pocket

I have to admit that I’m not an expert at building DIY projects. However I do have the basic skills to use tools like – saw, drill or a hammer etc.

By using Bill Keene’s Building a DIY greenhouse plans guide I was able to build a greenhouse without spending a lot of dollars on ready made DIY greenhouse kits.

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Additional Inputs:

In case you are considering dealing with wooden greenhouse project then it is a wise decision to get or obtain a greenhouse building guide for specific plans to create an effective growing center.

Here are 5 tips that will explain several key items which are included within complete garden greenhouse blueprint plans.

From location of growing to proper irrigation, you should understand what plans are best.

An good quality plan is going to cost you around $25-30 depending on the type of project you undertake. Specifically where in your backyard or residence do you want to place your newly built structure for growing your flowers, plants, herbs etc.

In case you are creating a wooden structure it is advisable to find some higher grounds so that the water from the irrigation system or sprinklers can pass through better.

Depending on the type of wood there are always a select few which are best to make your personal growing center.

An good quality building plan guide includes all of the different forms of wood and explain the key benefits and drawbacks of every type. If you ask an expert he will recommend cedar as the best option.

Based on what you will be growing and just how much you are going to be growing within your structure, you have a few good choices for covering the structure.

Your three best choices are glass, plastic and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate probably is going to be the most versatile of the three without any changes to the overall design.

Laying and designing the building blocks for the glass house is essential. Ensure that you include the right drainage ways for the water to pass through.

Don’t take a chance by going for a swamp as a floor in your growing house, believe me you will require an excellent drainage system.

In case you are going to purchase some form of guide for this project then you will have everything essential for your design and structuring needs.

Get a understanding of just how much you will have to purchase energy and the costs just in case you require electricity to your building.

Occasionally, and based on what blueprints you utilize, you might not even need utilities. Nonetheless, it is wise to possess quick access to energy, water and heat sources for the winters.

By following these tips hopefully your glass house design and construction will go well and you can grow fruits and vegetables that you require for consumption.

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